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Stand for Human Rights: Empower Change, Harmonize Humanity

ADOMÁNYOK: ❤️ 4.000 Ft

CÉL: 130.000 Ft


Our ‘Stand for Human Rights’ campaign is a call to action, a simple yet powerful message that unites us all in the fight for justice, freedom, and equality. Every day, we stand up for the voiceless, fight for the oppressed, and strive for a world where human rights are respected, protected, and celebrated. This is what constitutes Amnesty International. I joined this organization as a member, but now I am happy to say that I will be working as a student ambassador for Amnesty International’s “You complete the picture” fundraising campaign. Join me in this crucial mission where, together, we can make a difference and be the change the world needs.

Personally, I would aspire to be the person who focuses his strengths on bringing change to the various issues around the world rather than just feeling sad about them. I would like to inspire everyone to take the first step that helps create a peaceful life for the people who are deprived of their basic human rights and address their issues so that they are not forgotten. They deserve our attention; their voices must be heard, and we must take the primary step that can help people who genuinely need our support.

I am holding a campaign to raise donations for Amnesty International, and I have set a goal to raise 130,000 HUF (~ 325 EUR) for Amnesty International. Human rights are important to me, especially in the recent conflict in the Palestine-Israel war. Common people who live their normal and basic lives shouldn’t face death, homelessness, health risks, or the loss of their loved ones. Join me and put your hand forward to actually stand for and help the common citizens receive security and the mere opportunity to live a peaceful life that every human on this earth deserves. The right to education, healthcare, shelter, equality, no discrimination, women’s rights, animal protections, etc. are all possible when we support the organizations that bring these issues forward, such as Amnesty International.

Every little donation counts, as at least you will have the inner peace that at least you took action to help poor souls who were served with injustice and barbarity. I will be conducting the campaign from November 17th to November 24th and would like all my friends and people that I know to take part in it. I will be demonstrating these campaigns online and in person in the city of Padova to the students and the common residents. My goal is to raise as much money as I can, so every single penny counts. It counts your participation in peace!

Instead of politics, we must give more importance to human life. Nobody should be subjected to such atrocities and war crimes. Join us, and together, we’ll empower change, harmonize humanity, and compose a brighter future for all.

#youcompletethepicture #Veled_teljes

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