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Dear Minister
Matsushima Midori (松島みどり)
Ministry of Justice
Kasumigaseki Chiyoda-ku100-8977
Tokyo 1-1-1

Dear Minister,

Matsumoto Kenji is currently on death row waiting for his execution. His diagnosed with Minamata disease which is a serous mental disability caused by mercury posioning. He was sentenced to death on 17 September 1993 for two separate robberies and murders in the period between September 1990 and September 1991 regardless of his mental condition and the fact that he is not able to understand his conviction and the consequences of the verdict. He was charged along with his brother, Matsumoto Hiroshi, who committed suicide after his arrest warrant was issued. The court recognized that Matsumoto Kenji had a dependent relationship with his brother and was not able to stand up to him.

I urge you not to execute Matsumoto Kenji and to introduce a moratorium on executions in Japan. Furthermore, I urge you to communte Matsumoto Kenji and all other prisoners' death sentences, improve the treatment of death row inmates and make and end to solitary confinement. Additionally, I call upon you to promote a debate on the abolition of the death penalty in Japan.