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Public Prosecutor
Hesham Mohamed Zaki Barakat
Office of the Public Prosecutor Supreme Court House
1 “26 July” Road
Arab Republic of Egypt

Dear Counsellor,

I am a member of the Amnesty International in Hungary, and I am writing to call you to release Mohamed Fahmy, Peter Greste and Baher Mohamed immediately and unconditionally.

Furthermore I would like to also urge you to release Sohaib Saad Mohamed, Khaled Mohamed Abdel Raouf, Ahmed Abdelazim and Khaled Abdel Rahman Mahmoud unless they are to be retried for recognizably criminal offences in proceedings that comply with international standards for fair trial.

I would like to ask you to order independent and impartial investigations into all allegations of ill-treatment and ensure Mohamed Fahmy has access to any medical attention he may require.

Yours sincerely,