Az online petíció szövege Szólítsd fel a görög igazságügyi minisztert, hogy tegyen a görögországi romák diszkriminációja ellen!

Minister of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights
Charalampos Athanassiou
Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights
96 Mesogeion Av.
Athens 11527

Dear Mr. Athanassiou,

I urge you to ensure that those who are responsible for the attack are convicted and both the hate-motive for this attack and the wider anti-Roma atmosphere and mob racist attacks in the village of Etoliko in August 2012 and January 2013 are taken into consideration in the sentencing of these crimes.

I also call upon you to ensure that all hate crimes are fully and effectively investigated, including taking all steps to unmask the hate motive and ensuring that motive is duly taken into account in the prosecution and sentencing of their perpetrators.

Yours sincerely,