Az online petíció szövege Csatlakozz akciónkhoz és írd alá az izraeli védelmi miniszternek szóló petíciót

Minister of Defence
Moshe Ya'alon
Ministry of Defence
Matcal Tower, Kaplan Campus, HaKirya
Tel-Aviv, 61909

Dear Minister,

As a part of the Amnesty International Hungary, I am writing you because of the Palestinian village, Nabi Saleh. The locals hold peaceful protests every week, and the military forces of Israel answer in a rather violent manner.

I urge you to stop these violent responses against the peaceful protesters of the village. Furthermore please ensure that civilians, women and kids will not get harmed during your actions, and find the perpetrators who had killed Mustafe and Rushdi Tamini.

I would like to remind you that the actions of the military forces are defnitiely not compatible with the international human rights standards.