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Minister of Interior
His Excellency Abdul Karim Sultan Sinjari
Ministry of Interior
100 m Road
Kurdistan Regional Government, Erbil

Dear His Excellency Abdul Karim Sultan Sinjari,

I am writing you as a member of the Amnesty International Hungary. Following the advancement of ISIS fighters into towns and villages in northern Iraq since June, hundreds of thousands of people belonging to religious minorities as well as other groups have been forced to leave their homes.

I would like to call you to ensure that adequate protection and humanitarian assistance including shelter, food, water, sanitation and essential medical assistance is provided to those displaced by the conflict.

Furthermore please ensure that all military action complies with international humanitarian law and human rights law and that all serious violations are thoroughly and impartially investigated and perpetrators are brought justice.

Finally I would like to ask you to take care that attacks are only directed at military targets and all feasible precautions are taken to avoid incidental deaths or injury of civilians.

Yours sincerely,