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Minister of Justice
Nayer Abdel-Moneim Othman
Ministry of Justice
Lazoughly Square لاظوغلى
Cairo Governorate
Arab Republic of Egypt

Your Excellency,

I am writing to urge you to overturn the astounding 683 death sentences handed down on March 24 and order fair retrials without recourse to the death penalty.

The trial was grossly unfair and failed to meet even basic legal standards. Most of the men were tried and convicted in absentia, without evidence, without witnesses, and without a defense.

This is the harshest mass conviction in recent years. It is not justice -- it is political payback. Is this the reform that Egyptians fought for?

In closing, I ask you to uphold Egypt's obligations under international law by overturning the 528 death sentences and ordering fair retrials, commuting all death sentences and establishing a moratorium on executions.

Yours sincerely,