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Chief of Philippine National Police
Nicanor Bartolome
PNP National Headquarters Camp General Crame
Quezon City
Metro Manila 1100

Dear Police Director General,

I am a member of Amnesty International in Hungary, and I am writing you, because I am concerned about the lack of accountability of police officers and auxiliaries who have perpetrated torture and ill-treatment in the Philippines. Nearly half of all reported human rights violations between 2001 and 2010 had been committed by members of the national police. In the Darius Evangelista torture case alone, five of the seven charged police perpetrators continue to be in hiding.

Members of the Philippine National Police have used excessive force, tortured and killed people without fear of sanction, while victims are left without hope of justice. In police stations, common criminal suspects have been susceptible to torture and ill-treatment, including in particular youths arrested for vagrancy, female sex workers and gay men.

Those affected by police abuse need an independent body that can properly investigate all allegations of human rights violations and, crucially, with a mandate to enable it to submit directly to public prosecutors. Understanding that the National Police Commission has administrative control and operational supervision over the police, I urge you to ensure independent and effective investigations of allegations of human rights violations perpetrated by police officers and their auxiliaries. Results of such investigations should be directly submitted to the Department of Justice for effective prosecution. Internal disciplinary procedures are for dealing with minor offences, not human rights violations.